Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cropped Orange Swing Coat

Spring is here and look what I found at the charity shop. Beaming from a huddle of winter coats is this orange swing coat. The colour really popped and that's why I love it. Aren't I looking ever so smug in my new coat?

It's a shame there was no label except to say that it was made of wool and cotton. I'm curious to know what brand it was but I suppose that's part of the mystery (or fun) with thrifting.

The coat was missing two buttons so the shop keeper let me have it for £10 instead of £14. There were identical decorative buttons on each pocket so I used those to replace the missing ones. An easy fix!

This outfit also comprises of:

Portmans scarf
Cream cable knit sweater
Roots Village Satchel in Tribe Leather

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