Monday, December 5, 2011

Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Conditioning Gel

I had lunch with a girlfriend in Paris and I admit, the whole time I was obsessed with her ultra long eyelashes. They were like fans sweeping whenever she blinked!

She's asian so I could'nt resist asking which mascara she uses. She told me which one but I won't reveal until I've tried it myself. (I'm surprised because the reviews on makeupalley are awful.)

So I thought I'd encourage some natural growth with Talika Lipocils. As far as lash enchancers go, I've tried Mavala and Ardell (which is my preference). I bought mine from Sephora although I've now decided not to make a token purchase at the Champs Elysees anymore.

Firstly it's cheaper to buy online elsewhere. But worse, they've stopped giving away samples. The sales assistants used to throw in a handful of samples in my shopping bag but not this time. Maybe you have to spend alot to get them?

Anyway according to the Lipocils box, this is a "mythical eyelash conditioning gel", promising length, natural pigmentation and curve. The applicator is unique with a foam tip and a mascara style brush in one. Needless to say, application is fairly easy. I've just tried it and so far I've noticed a little sting if you get it too close to your eye.

I'll post my results in a few months so you can see if it actually works!

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