Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't You Love It When...

What you almost bought goes on sale.

I was in H&M a month ago and found this water marbling print bikini for my Malta trip. But I really did'nt need more bathing suits so I put it back. Today I was looking for a blazer with fold up the sleeves and guess what I found on the sales rack?

Reduced from £21 to £5 for the set. Can't stay no to that.

As for the blazer, I looked through three of the H&Ms around Oxford Street and could'nt find the right blazer. It turned out the suit blazer which I was wearing (handed down from my sister years ago) was perfect all along.

I tried on many blazers which did'nt fit and finally realised I could roll up the sleeves of my own. It was exactly the was the look I was after and I didn't need to buy a new blazer after all!

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