Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Microdermabrasion - My Experience

My sister started doing it when she noticed a cousin of ours with super smooth clear looking skin. Her secret was monthly microdermabrasion so I bought three sessions.

In my case, microdermabrasion is passing a rough surface of the end of a metallic nozzle with suction to keep the skin taut and suck away...well anything that comes off your skin. There is a range of suction strengths so the higher you go, the more abrasive it is.

The first session was gentle. First the beautician cleaned my face and massaged on a light oil. She plugged in the nozzle which is small and roughened like a nail file to a hose from the microdermabrasion machine. I was put on setting no. 4 which was'nt unpleasant or painful.

Afterwards she wiped down my face and applied a rich moisturiser. Was told not to wear makeup until the next day or so. I walked out of there with super soft baby skin!

A few days later my nose started to peel a little bit. There was a slight improvement with my skin tone.

The second session was three weeks later and I was put setting 5. It was a little  uncomfortable. I think I'll keep it at this level for the next session. I noticed big changes to my skin afterwards. Even the beautician said I had really firm skin as she was doing the treatment and a few days later my skin looked clearer and pores were more refined. Best results I've had with at the beautician's. I don't think I need foundation at this rate!

They say you need a minimum week recovery time before you can do it again, but I think two weeks should be the minimum so your upper skin has a chance to fully regenerate before being scraped off again. Well worth it, even just for the soft and smooth feeling alone!

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