Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bargain Marni Cropped Blazer

These days it's hard to snag a designer bargain in charity shops since they usually check labels before naming their prices. Especially in the shops in my area but I got lucky today! 

I left my flat this morning realising my cardigan wasn't going to cut it in this un-summer weather. I was running late so I just had to wing it. However by the time I got to Hampstead Heath for the train, I  had to go into the charity shop to see if I could find something else to keep me warm. 

The very first thing that caught my eye was this cropped blazer. It's
 pilot's blazer style. I took a closer look and saw it was Marni and priced at £10! It wasn't in the designer clothes section so perhaps someone made a mistake?

But who was I to complain? I was chilly, in a rush and found a designer bargain. It didn't go with my outfit but who cares, it's my first Marni for a steal!

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