Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bioderma H2O Sensibo vs Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Water

I was obsessing over the Bioderma micellar water. Goodness knows why since I have every kind of makeup remover there is, including cleansing water from Asia.

What intrigued me was that you did'nt have to rinse it off. Which is brilliant for when I'm too lazy to cleanse before bedtime.

I managed to hunt down a London stockist, John Bell & Croyden, near Bond St tube station. The 100ml bottle is perfect for travelling and it's £4.50. (Of course it's much cheaper to buy it in bigger bottles, and if you get it in France.) 

I could'nt help noticing another woman in the queue to pay with the same bottle, probably on the same mission to try this stuff.

I wanted to test the difference between the Bioderma and Pure Beauty versions of micelluar water since they looked the same. On the outside the only difference was the packaging (in which the pump instantly wins). Pure Beauty is made in Korea and Bioderma is made in France. Pure Beauty is cheaper and is only available in Asia. The feel and the appearance of both products is the same. Both are non fragranced. 

Just a warning the next pic is kinda gross. I removed one side of my makeup with each of cleansing waters and here are the results. As you can see, the right pad removed more makeup than the left. Guess which is which?

First of all, while they felt the same on the skin, Pure Beauty left a thin greasy residue. The instructions said you need to need to rinse off and I agree. The Bioderma left a very faint residue, something I can easily overlook if I'm tired or if the air is dry. However in both cases I don't feel thoroughly cleansed unless rinsing is involved.  

In terms of effectiveness, Pure Beauty is the one on the right. If I need to wash my face afterwards in both cases, I prefer Pure Beauty as it removes more makeup. 

Later I found out that the Nuxe cleansing water sample I had in storage was also a micellar solution. It works similar to Bioderma and smells heavenly.

Cleansing oil is still my favourite form of remover. There's no faffing about with wiping/friction and dirty cotton pads. It was nice to try cleansing water but they are no different to conventional make up removers. Except they're less effective (harder to remove waterproof mascara) and their appearance is like water. 

Has you tried Bioderma H2O? What do you think of it?

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