Monday, July 7, 2014

Oiling Your Hair with Alma And Coconut Oils

I used to think it was too messy to do an overnight oil treatment. But it's time to try it. My hair has become drier and more split than ever. I shed a lot and the sad thing is that I don't even colour or use a hair straightener. 

So I decided to try oiling my hair with alma oil. This one is called Brahmol which I picked up mega cheap for £1. It was too cheap not to try out, even though it was mostly made of mineral oil.

The ingredients. 

As for the mineral oil, my girlfriend who has amazingly fine and resilient hair, puts baby oil in hers all the time. (It was her who recommended oiling my hair.) I did a bit of research the more scientific sources does say that mineral oil is safe to use and holds moisture well. 

So on a "wash day", I poured a teaspoon at a time on my fingers and gave myself a head massage. Then I distributed more along the lengths of my hair. The first thing I noticed was how shiny my hair was and it wasn't sticky, although of course it was very oily. The mineral oil feels softer than the other plant based oils I've used. 

I put my hair in a high bun and sleep on a towel over my pillow. I shampooed my hair twice the next morning and the results were stunning. My hair was soft, super shiny and there was less frizz. It behaved itself throughout the day. It was even straightener than usual!

The downside is that the oil has a strong sandalwood herbal scent. I find it really off putting because it smells like nasty incense. I had to top up the treatment with a bit of Heenara oil because I couldn't handle any more of the smell. After my hair was washed, most it was gone.

As for the Heenara oil, I used it solely for the next oil treatment because I wanted to compare coconut oil to mineral. As you can see there were coconut oil solids which did'nt melt away with the rest of the oil. In winter, this oil is completely solid. 

A closer look at the oil.

I bought this specifically because there was no mineral oil. Alma is the third ingredient.

And the verdict on which oil is the best? Both made my hair soft and shiny but the Brahmol, gave the best results. My hair after the Heenara felt dry and I think that's because of the coconut oil. I will use this bottle up to mix it with Brahmol.

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