Sunday, July 20, 2014

Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream And Adding Egg For Protein

I've become so obsessed with African hair care that my girlfriend from Barbados thinks I'll be growing an afro soon!

I went to Paks Cosmetics in Finsbury Park for the first time. They have THREE shops on the same street, two for wigs and one for products.

There was so many products I wanted to try. They all promised wonderful things with the words: super grow, hair fertiliser, hair food, and mega thick hair. They sell cosmetics, hair care, toiletries, hair dressing and beauty supplies. My neck almost hurt having to look at everything as I passed through the aisles.

I found Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream which I've always wanted to try and believe it or not, a huge tub was only £1.99! I also bought Jamaican Castor Oil £5.99, an applicator bottle 79p and a Blue Heaven kajal stick 59p. Cheaper than online and better value than anything from the high street. I was tempted to impulse buy and forced myself to leave the store. Although I don't think it will be long before I'm back...

I tried the Conditioning Cream after my gym session today as a deep treatment. I shampooed my hair with Bawang and smothered this thick creamy goop all through my hair and scalp. The instructions says to mix it with a little warm water which helps spread it along. I used two scoops with my fingers. The cream smells like plain cold cream, no added scent.

I put on a shower cap and sat in the steam room for 10 mins, pottered for 5 and rinsed it out. Surprisingly it rinsed really easily for a heavy product. I suspect it's because there's SLS in it.

My hair felt hard as I rinsed out the cream. I wondered if it had moisturised at all. As it dried, my hair felt drier than usual. I put on a little avocado oil on the ends and my hair felt better and it seemed to soften. I had volume, body and shine. Softness too but not the ends. For the price I couldn't fault it. It has no silicones and didn't make my hair flat.

The next time I used it as a protein treatment by mixing it with a beaten egg. It was a 25% egg and 75% cream mix and it was perfect for distributing through my hair. I put on a shower cap, wrapped a towel over it and sat in the steam room for 10 mins. (I really had to be careful not to cook egg in my hair!)

Having freshly shampooed hair is not essential although it's in the instructions. As long as your hair isn't super greasy, rinsing hair with warm water is fine. The treatment rinsed off clean and although my hair was hard, it felt strong. Much better than stretchy and fragile!

When my hair dried (and I picked out a few bits of white membrane), I put a few drops of avocado oil on my ends and my hair was phwhoarrrrrrrr!

That's the only way I can describe the result in one word. My hair was shiny, strong full of body and healthy looking. I love this treatment so much, it's a weekly essential. Who needs a separate protein treatment when you have eggs in the kitchen?

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