Sunday, September 21, 2014

Goodies From Naturally Thinking

My friend buys her organic avocado oil and other natural products from the site Naturally Thinking. When the little decanted bottle she gave me ran out, I checked out their website and I love their concept. Natural, pure, decent prices and all the refillable bottles and tops and spray you need to reduce waste. And no, I'm not paid to post this!

They run courses on aromatherapy and making cosmetics so they really know their oils and other ingredients. Also their packaging is practical and so darn pretty for aluminium bottles. My order arrived in less than a week. It's a little disappointing that you need to spend £80 or more to get free shipping but I felt the value in their products made the cost worth it. You can also pick up from their Croydon store for free if you're nearby.

I bought 100ml rose water which smell beautiful and 100ml rosehip carrier oil. The latter is not a dark as the more expensive kind but is still cold pressed from rosehips. It feels lighter and there is no fried chip smell so it's perfect to use on the body or better yet, hair as I've recently discovered.

I ordered a spray cap to use on the rosewater to spritz my face before applying rosehip oil. The caps and bottles are great value. I also bought a foamer bottle to reduce the wastage on handwash. I fill the bottle 1/4 with handwash and the rest with water. Instant foam and you can get hands clean just as well with much less product going down the drain!

I recently bought a Neals Yard oil burner (for only £4 at the charity store!) and wanted to get back in to burning aromatherapy oils again. It helps me concentrate and makes the home smell nicer. My favourite essential oils are rosemary, lavender and sweet orange. I wanted to try to the palmarosa for the first time because it resembles rose and is cheaper. I will definitely buy more oils from Naturally Thinking when I'm running low.


  1. These look lovely! What a bargain too for the oil burner, must pop into the charity stores more often :)

    Lorraine x

    1. I love finding bargains at the charity stores! Definitely worth poking around :)



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