Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Wonders Of Rosehip OIl

I've often seen rose hip bushes but never appreciated the benefits of the fruit until now. Rosehip oil is touted as a wonder ingredient for dry skin and now I've tried it and love it.

I read up on rose hip oil and ordered on Amazon where I've found it to be the cheapest. I paid £16 for 100ml of organic oil in a glass spray bottle. When you buy it, make sure it's stored in an opaque or dark glass to protect it from light. For skin, don't use rose hip carrier oil as it's mixed with cheaper oils or of a lower quality.

For my handbag, I also bought this bottle from Aussie company Moogoo. I love their stuff and I managed to track down a stockist not far from me. It was 25ml for £8 which is good value compared to the Trilogy brand.

You should notice that rose hip oil is orange red in colour and it has an oily odour. It does not smell like roses! It smells like fish oil but it goes away as long as you don't use too much. The oil feels light and absorbs quickly.

All you need is 4-5 drops for your face. Distribute on your palms first and smooth it on cleaned skin. Give your face a light massage and it will thank you for it. Sometimes I spray my homemade moisturising spritz first to get my skin hydrated.

The oil is also excellent for hair as its a dry oil. It's known to fade skin imperfections such as scars and stretchmarks.

The result for me after two weeks is impressive. My wrinkles have definitely softened and my skin glows. The wrinkles around my eyes when I smile do not crease as much-yay! My skin has a sheen immediately after I've applied the oil but it takes only a few minutes for it to fully absorb.

A few months of using this oil and I've noticed an issue. I'm now only using this oil on my crows feet. There's something about it that's causing acne on my chin and since I've stopped putting it all over my face, the acne has gone away.

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