Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 Reasons Why Fine Haired Girls Hate Getting Hair Cuts

Look at those straggly hair ends. I finally got a decent amount chopped because my hair turned bad. It was falling out from the roots and the ends became limp.

I was going to write this post like an open letter to hairdressers but open letters are annoying and self indulgent. I'll just list the reasons why don't like my hair cut. I have very fine hair and not a lot of it. Hopefully fine haired girls understand what I'm saying here!

1) Hairdressers cut more hair than they say they will
Maybe they think I'm kidding myself when I tell them I only want 1/2 inch off and yes I know my hair is damaged. It's probably more obvious on fine hair. Most of time, an inch or more actually gets cut off. This happens when hair is cut while soaking wet. As I can't grow a lot of hair and it takes a long time to get it past my elbows, I'm not quick to trust hairdressers when they'll only take off half an inch. 

2) Paying above the odds for a blunt trim
Hairdressers don't even need to section by layer before cutting my hair. They separate it into left, back and right sections and cut straight across. For fine haired girls we only need a blunt trim to preserve volume. It takes 5-10 minutes to cut my hair. So why do I have to pay for an expensive "long hair" cut, or the same price as someone with mega thick hair or who's asking for a style cut?

3) Hairdryer fear
Professional hair dryers are so hot I've been burned by them. My hair barely shields my scalp so if a hairdryer goes near it for longer than a second, it bloody well burns. Most hairdressers don't get this and treat fine hair like thick hair. Fine hair is more venerable to heat and it grates me to see them fry my hair with the hairdryer. I'd prefer to walk out of the salon with wet hair. Especially since the slightest of moisture in the air causes my hair to go frizzy no matter how well it's been blow dried. As for point 3, why do I have to pay for a finish when I don't want one?

4) Hairdressers yanking through tangled hair
We fine haired girls know when hairdressers are yanking through our tangled ends after a wash. No matter how it's "concealed" by holding onto the lengths, I hear the comb smacking against the sink because the hairdresser's trying to save time. Fine hair snags easily and even though the ends are getting cut off, the lengths are undergoing stress by having a comb pull through the knots. Fine haired girls don't do this to their own hair so neither should hairdressers. We don't want to, nor should have to say this either.


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