Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mane N Tail - Will It Work For Me?

It's my new obsession although Mane n Tail has been around for ages.

I've got a new hair routine because my ends were beyond revival. My hair was falling out in chunks and took 10 minutes to detangle. I had to give it a proper trim and two inches came off. And there are still split ends!

Now I'm taking silica daily and oiling my hair ends everyday. I'm using Bawang shampoo (don't think it's doing anything but I got to use it up!) and Mane n Tail conditioner and Maximum Herbal Gro.

There are tonnes of reviews on Mane n Tail-the common theme is that it makes your hair grow fast. This is misinformation. The only thing that can make your hair grow is something you take internally. An over the counter shampoo and conditioner will not do anything except preserve your hair so you'll need less trims.

Mane n Tail products are cheap. I went to Paks Cosmetics and bought a big bottle of the Deep Conditioner £2.99 and Maximum Herbal Gro £2.99. The conditioner is thick and an unusual blue colour. I realised it has dimethicone in it and although it leaves the hair soft and feeling moisturised there was a slight residue so I went back to Paks to get the original conditioner.

The original is also called the Moisturiser and Texturiser. It's silicone free and smells lovely. It's a little runnier than the deep conditioner and it's a more pleasing pale yellow colour. You can use it as a leave in as well as a normal conditioner.

UPDATE: I've been using the Texturiser shampoo and noticed I'm shedding alot more than usual. My hair was dropping so much, I decided to stop using it. I've gone back to using shikakai and alma for hair cleaning.

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