Thursday, September 24, 2015

Miss Sporty Peel Off Nail Polish

I'll keep this post brief because there are tonnes of reviews on this product. I bought it because it was 3 Miss Sporty products for £5 at Superdrug. The idea of peel off nail polish appeals to me because I hate taking off nail polish, especially dark colours and glitters. 

I tested out the other two Miss Sporty polishes bought. The peel off polish is basically wood glue. Takes about 10 minutes for it be dry enough the paint over.

Sadly only after 6 hours, the nail polish peeled off unintentionally. I washed my hands and noticed the index fingernail completely polish free! Once that happened I peeled the others off-it was a bit of an obsessive satisfaction watching them come clean off the nail.

This stuff comes off too easily-whether it's a good or bad thing is questionable. I think it's convenient if you want to wear a racy colour for a night out but have work the next day. Or if you want to mask cuticles when applying dark polishes. 

What it's not good for, is longevity. I'm passing this onto my sister who can let my niece wear nail polish from time to time.

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