Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ulta3 Nail Polish - Allure 2

For those born in the late 70s, do you remember this video clip?

It's Transvision Vamp, I Want Your Love. I was an impressionable young thing when this was in the charts. I adored the lead singer Wendy James' baby pink outfit, especially her matching lipstick.

While I don't have the skin tone to carry off this lip colour, I managed to find a similar shade in the form of nail polish by Ulta3.

What a find and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee! Seriously girls, if you want a little pick-me-up, this is the stuff!

I've been looking for a pale nude and this is even prettier because it's creamy white with a smidgen of pink. It's almost the same colour as my pink Nintendo DS!

Surprisingly, this colour is also called Allure, according to it's bottle. (Check out my previous post on the other Allure by Ulta3.) The nail polish is great quality for a cheapie. Excellent colour saturation and staying power. It can be a bit streaky though. If you were patient and applied it evenly, this would'nt be a problem.

Ulta3 nail polishes are building up nicely in my collection. Stay tuned for more posts on these!


  1. VEry nice colour. What about lipstick to match?

  2. Try Harmonica or Strawberry Milk from the NYX Round lipsticks range, Hilton! :)



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