Monday, June 15, 2009

Black and White Plaid Skirt

While it's hard to say no to a bargain, I'm painfully picky when it comes to buying from op shops. I check for flaws, make sure it fits perfectly and that I would actually wear more than once. 

One morning I said "no" the above plaid skirt. Went window shopping at Parramatta Westfield afterwards. Plaid was everywhere. 

I'm alarmed actually. Do people not worry about looking like bogans when they wear plaid hooded jackets?

Realised that I should have bought the skirt at the op shop since similar ones in the retail stores cost ten times as much.

I rushed back before the op shop closed to rescue my $4 AUD bargain. A fully lined, fitted skirt for winter. How could the original owner part with it? 

The design is cute and the plaid is timeless. Did'nt realise until I wore it in public, that the front slit was too revealing. Wish I knew how to add another buttonhole but I made do by sewing up the gap. 

This is now my favourite work skirt!

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