Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nail Paint by Barry M - Yellow

Bought this Barry M nail polish in Topshop last year. It was £3 and I was fascinated by this lurid colour. It's reminds me a yellow Volkswagen bug car!

It's a souvenir from London. I wanted to bring back something avant garde and not heavy for my suitcase.

Unfortunately the trend of yellow nail polish never took off.

The Melbourne Cup was on today and I did'nt have a crazy hat or tie to wear to work. So I painted my nails and they got everyone's attention!

I found this particular Barry M Nail Paint disappointing because it's thin and streaky. I applied three coats in this pic.

I like the design of the bottle so a collection can be stored using minimal storage space.

Barry M has a huge range of amazing colours. Will give the brand another go when I get back to London.

EDITED TO ADD-I removed this nail polish a few days later and it turned my nails yellow! I used base coat so not sure how it could have happened.


  1. ive been dying to try out the Barry M polishes..
    Ive always been a fan of yellows,there just so hard to apply
    oh btw
    there is a great new range from BYS polishes there just gorjuz,I picked a fiew up from The Reject Shop for like 3bux

  2. Yes, this was a difficult colour to wear. Won't be using this one again!

    Ohhh can't wait to see the BYS polishes Skye!

  3. hey there, I just stumbled upon your blog when I googled Barry M reviews, pretty cool :) I just found a newish Aussie online store that sells Barry M, Nyx, China Glaze etc so keen to try some of that stuff out! I actually really like that yellow nail polish colour haha.

  4. Hi Kozzi! :) Yes, I've heard of that website. If I was'nt moving to London in Jan, I'd be buying up a storm from there!

  5. Beauty nail! :) I want nails BarryM, but in Poland i can't buy these. Maybe someone buy me in England. :)



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