Sunday, November 22, 2009

Target Red Satin Bow Peeptoe Pumps

I had a housewarming party to attend to but had no shoes to wear with my new dress.

Went to "Tar-jay" and was surprised to see how fashionable the clothing was! There were lots of gorgeous floral print dresses and comfy casual clothes for cheap. In fact the ladies section looked like Primark!

Ladies shoes were 30% off. They had heaps of synthetic leather heels. I recalled my friend slapping me on the wrist for picking up a plastic bangle while shopping. She said: "Don't waste money on plastic because it looks cheap!"

So I scored these hot red satin heels for $28 AUD. Although they're high, they're comfy because of the concealed platform. Received lots of compliments at the party. Some people could'nt believe they came from Target!

These will come in handy for an upcoming work Christmas party and wedding reception.



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