Monday, November 30, 2009

NYX Black & White Eyeliner Pencils

I bought these NYX eyeliner pencils from a random cheapo store for $3 AUD each. The black pencil is extra long for a eyeliner so it was take forever to use up!

They apply smoothly without tugging at the eyelids. The texture is creamy soft and blends easily. Pigmentation is good. Lasting powder is OK, staying put for several hours. I have oily lids so I figure it's normal that some will transfer under the eyes within a few hours.

The white pencil is a godsend because I use it to make my eyes look bigger and more open. Awesome for when I haven't had enough sleep! I lightly apply it close to the inner corners and instantly it brightens up my eyes.

The black pencil could be blacker. However my biggest complaint is that it smudges a bit so I'll keep looking for the perfect black eyeliner.

I've paid more for worse quality eyeliners so I recommend giving NYX pencils a try. They do an excellent job for the price!


  1. hii missy em
    sorry ive been a bit of a snob and not commenting been a bit busy...

    i love nyx ill have to try and find some of these

  2. I am a huge NYX fan, but have yet to try their eyeliners! This is good to know!


    Kate Gene

  3. wow...nice blog you have,,,,, and also nice pencils...

    beware to be a victim...
    bestessays scam


  4. really nice pen. how much is the set of that one?



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