Monday, December 28, 2009

OPI Rose Petals + China Glaze Fairy Dust

I'm "romancing" my favorite nail polishes before they are put into storage. Good thing that nail polish has a long shelf life because there's heaps I've only worn once!

This is an old favorite which I wear to job interviews. I bought it online in the hope that it was a dupe for a gorgeous Testimo by Kanebo nail polish. A Japanese friend kindly gave me her bottle (already half empty) because I raved about the colour. I've revived the heck out of it with thinner because I love it so much. The bottle is a keepsake and I dare not use what's left!

While Rose Petals was'nt the perfect dupe, it's still a pretty dusty pink. It's the quintessential bridal french manicure pink. A little sheer as you can see. I applied two coats of Rose Petals and to jazz it up, I applied a coat of Fairy Dust. So sparkly and girly!


  1. Very pretty and wearable!

    I can't bring myself to commit to buying any nail polish that's too expensive at the moment. When I am working full time again, I will definitely splurge on some OPIs.

  2. Thanks bowsnhearts! If you need a new nail polish fix, I suggest ulta3. You can find usually find them at Soul Pattersons or Amcal. For $2 a bottle and an awesome range of colours, you can't go wrong!

  3. that looks so elegant i love it

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  5. Yes Brill Brunette, it's subtle. The glitter is so tiny, you can barely feel it on your nails. Wish I brought the Fairy Dust with me to London so I need to another substitute. :(



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