Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from NY - Stretching Jessica Simpson Patent Shoes

I'm still buzzing from the joys of my New York trip. I heart this city, exactly as in the iconic shirts which even the locals wear. The atmosphere is electric and the pizza is incredible. Of course, so is the shopping!

Century 21 is where I bought these patent shoes from Jessica Simpson (did'nt know she had a shoe range until I saw these). They are clearly Louboutin rip offs but for $32 USD, they hardly compare anyway.

I tried wearing these at work and they were too tight. Within 5 minutes, my feet were numb. Had to take them to the cobbler to break them in.

It was worth it even for patent leather which is harder to stretch. They're a little more comfortable but they have'nt stretched a size. No blistering numbness at least. I'm still working on these babies because there's hope now that the leather's softened. Within in two weeks with two hours wear everyday, I'm sure they'll fit!

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