Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beer - How To Give Body And Shine To Your Hair

There was half a bottle of Peroni in the fridge so instead of pouring it down the drain, I tipped it over my head.

I wanted to try the old trick of using beer to restore hair's shine and bounce. Just to let you know for comparison, my hair is fine with damaged ends. It's wavy and frizzy.

It's believed that vitamin B in beer nourishes and the sugars tighten the cuticle of the hair shaft and gives it shine.

Peroni does not have a strong smell so there was no harm in giving it a try. Once my hair was dry, there was no residual beer smell.

Half a bottle or can of beer is more than enough. Make sure it's at room temperature so you don't get the chills. It does'nt matter if the beer has gone flat.

I shampooed my hair as normal and after rinsing, squeezed out the excess water. Then poured the beer throughout my hair from the scalp. Wrapped the beer sodden hair around my head and left it to "brew" for atleast three minutes.

Rinsed the hair with lukewarm water with a final burst of cold water to seal the hair cuticle. You could use conditioner but I skipped it to gauge the effectiveness of the beer.

I let my hair dry naturally and although it's still frizzy, there is definitely more body and volume. Unlike cream treatments, my hair was not weighed down or greasy sooner than usual. It feels thicker, bouncier and indeed, there was more shine.

The end-result beats chucking out beer. I recommend having a beer rinse every few weeks. It's a fast, effective treatment and natural to boot!

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