Friday, July 2, 2010

MAC Hello Kitty - Stray'in Lipstick

I bought this ages ago when the MAC Hello Kitty range came out. How adorable is the packaging? Can you see the imprint of HK?

This lipstick quickly dropped out of my makeup rotation because Stray'in is a neon glittery pink. Don't let the swatches from the internet confuse you, it's BARBIE PINK. Oh and did I mention it has glitter too?

I bought it online so I only saw it in real life when it arrived. The only way I could redeem this lipstick is to wear a light layer and top it with a pale lip gloss. Otherwise on it's own, it's too bright pink and mismatches against my yellow skintone.

Consistency wise, it's not as creamy as MAC's lustre lipsticks. The glitter's so tiny that its not grainy but somehow it manages to stick onto my hands or face.

I'll keep it for my daughter one day and she can use it as play-makeup. I'm sure she'll love HK just as much as I do!

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