Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brown Vintage Leather Cross Body Bag

No bag would be vintage without signs of wear and old fashioned craftmanship. The lush leather has aged like a steak. Pre-loved and worn in from the first contact. If the bag survives years of use, it will last a lifetime.

With use the leather is moulded and bashed into buttery softness. There are natural inconsistencies in colour and texture. The brass hardware has oxidised and the twist locks creek when I turn them. Yep, there is truly no bag exactly like this one.

I love cross body bags because they're easy to carry and keep hands free. No need to balance my bag on one knee and sift through the contents!

Naturally I found this at the charity shop. It was £8. I'm grateful to have found my signature casual bag. So thank you, previous owner. The loving for this bag shall continue on.

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