Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage Gold Hoop Non Pierced Earrings

I relish the idea of someone cherishing a piece of jewelry before I did. Age gives it character. The thrill of finding a rare item is joyously satisfying.

In Britain, old means beautiful. With trends turning over faster than you can blink, one appreciates something that's forever beautiful.

When someone asks where I bought my trinket, their faces fall when I tell them "from a charity shop". (And hopefully not because it's been worn before!)

When I saw these earrings in the vintage jewelry section at Topshop, I was surprised to see they had screwback findings. The screwback is common before the 1970s and I'd love to believe that they are that old.

The earrings do a pretty good impression of 18kt gold. Maybe they're gold plated. They passed my rule of no-pierced second hand earrings and they were half price. Could not ask for more.

(Note: I wiped the contact points with alcohol to ensure they're clean before wearing.)



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