Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MAC Cleanse Off Oil - Huille Demaquillante

I bought this when I ran out of DHC oil cleanser in New York. Actually it was trial satchet and I loved it so much, I looked everywhere for a substitute.

My search was initially hopeless because I couldn't even find Shu Umeura High Performance Oil in the stores. Not even in Sephora. Was horrified to hear it's been discontinued. (The stuff was so popular, how could they?) Let's hope it reincarnates soon.

It was midnight and I was STILL looking for an oil cleanser. Finally I bought this in the Times Square MAC store. Phew!

MAC's Cleanse Off Oil is a strong contender in the oil cleanser market. It's gentle on your skin and makes it feel soft. It even removes waterproof mascara without tugging or harsh rubbing.

This product is a little runnier than DHC and Shu. Once dispensed I have a quickly spread it around or it drips through my fingers. Has a light fruity scent. It won't sud like the other cleansing oils. Cleanse Off turns milky and rinses clean with warm water.

Contains olive, primrose and jojoba oils so it's mineral oil free.

I still need a foaming cleanser to feel squeaky clean. But this is better than using make up removing wipes/pads because there's little friction to cause lash loss.

My verdict? DHC oil is still my first preference because it's richer and foams. MAC is a close second because it's widely available and better value for money.

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