Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Global Keratin Hair Taming Treatment Review - Real "After" Photos

The "after" photos of Brazilian treatments are most likely taken after GHD-ing the hair for ages. It's done in the final stage of treatment to set the keratin. Beware that those pictures won't necessarily depict the true results so don't be fooled!

The above pics were taken after I washed for the first time (4 days after the treatment). I used Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo with Juvexin and air dried my hair. This is to judge the treatment unaided by heat styling.

As you can see, there is a little frizz and my hair is slightly wavy. But take my word for it when I proclaim that it's far better than before I had the treatment. So you know, my natural hair is brittle, fine, frizzy and very wavy.

My hair is now the shiniest I've ever seen and oh-the-softness! I'm addictively touching my hair and telling friends to touch the back of my head. (Strange, I know.)

I shed more than usual after the first wash and noticed a little heat damage. Nothing too alarming though. When the hairdresser said there would be NO damage, I think it applies to people with thick hair only.

She said the treatment provides full heat protection but I wonder how can any product do that? A chicken basted with heat protectant is still going to cook at the temperature of a GHD.

Anyway I'll get off my soapbox now and contine stroking my new hair.

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