Saturday, September 25, 2010

Converting to Gold Jewelry - Vintage Bracelets

Since I was teenager, I had an aversion to gold jewelry. I thought it looked dated and sallow against Asian skin. With the many variations of gold, I even thought it looked cheap.

Recently I bought the amethyst Caroline Najman bracelet from Lafayette Galleries in Paris. My friend and I stopped in our tracks when we saw the delicate gold chains with faceted semi-precious stones. Her designs are stunning and ever so pretty.

Her bracelets actually fits my bony wrists. A rare treat so I couldn't resist. And who said gold jewelry looks cheap? Pfffttt!!!

The vintage enamel and diamante snake cuff is from a charity shop. Even with a few missing stones, I think it still makes a statement.

And my most recent purchase is an engraved hinged bangle from the 60s. I bought it from a little old lady at Hampstead markets. Her vintage jewelry was divine and I had to buy something beautiful that no one else would be wearing.

Once I decided on a bangle, there was a small dilemma on silver or gold. The gold bug bite from Paris took effect and now I'm converting. More gold to come!

Just need some advice since I can't bear to take off my silver rings - is it OK to mix gold with silver?

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