Monday, October 29, 2012

Babyliss Pro Cordless Gas Curling Wand

Remember when I bought the BaByliss Ceramic Clampless Curling Wand? I used it twice and sold it on Ebay. I could'nt get the hang of it and as it turned out for me, wands with the clamp is much easier to use.

My girlfriend recommend this curler which she carries around in her handbag. It's about £20 from Argos. The brilliant thing about this is that it's cordless and lightweight. Makes using it so much better as you don't have to worry about fiddling about with a cable. Also you can travel with it and not have to worry about the right power adaptors.

The box says you can carry it on board a plane but I've yet to try this out. The rules are that you can't carry spare energy cells, it must have a safety cover (which this does) and you can't use it inflight.

It comes with a brush attachment but I won't be needing it. To use, just switch it on, start it up by pressing the start button a few times and you'll hear it fire up (there is a little light which indicates that it's on) and gas is softly being expelled. It takes about 30 seconds to get hot and you can clamp the end of a lock of hair and roll it up. Hold for about 6 seconds and pull it off sideways by releasing the clamp.

This cordless curler works a treat and does'nt fry my hair as badly as the clampless. I found it fast to use. The wand heats up quick and the results are good. The curler does the job and the curls last a day or two. My girlfriend has curl resistant hair and she says it falls flat after a night out. If that sounds like your hair, it's not for you.

My only complaint is that because it runs on butane filled energy cells, it emits fumes while it's on. I guess that's normal however it's not pleasant when the wand is close to your face.

However that's a small con when the benefit is convenience. I like using this curler and I'm so glad to have bought it!

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