Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Bargain Hobbs Coat Which Wasn't A Bargain After All

I was on a roll with finding cool stuff in a charity shop. I found gorgeous LK Bennet ballet flats £3, Topshop top £4.25, Warehouse skirt £5, this slouchy leather pewter bag £8 and this Hobbs coat for a bargain £7.50!

When I tried it on, it looked amazing. Well I thought it did and two old ladies complimented gushingly on it. The coat was soft and the right beige colour so I could'nt resist. I figured it would be worth getting it dry cleaned and have the buttons reinforced and tears in the lining fixed.

I paid £32.50 for the service and it was'nt until I got it back home and tried it on, I realised the coat was too big. No matter how I tried, I could not rock an oversized coat. My boyfriend even politely said: "Errr the retro look."

So I bit the bullet and took it back to the dry cleaner. He said it would be a lot of work to take the coat in properly (it's a size 10 and I'm a 6) but he figured something out. Instead of taking it in from the two back seams, he'll take it in from the sides and take up the sleeves. Because he knew how much I already spent on the coat, he agreed to do the alternations half price. 

So here it is. It's still a bit baggy at the back but I do love the coat and it's perfectly warm for winter. So the £7.50 Hobbs coat turned out to be £65!

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