Friday, November 30, 2012

Rogaine--My Hair Recovery Journey

A few years ago I noticed my hair was'nt as full as thick as it used to be. I could swear I was receding. And when I could see my scalp through the hair on the top of my head, it was time to face the fact that I was losing my hair.

I had blood work done and the doctors could'nt find anything wrong. So they put me on a combination of Rogaine and a testosterone blocker. The latter was a drug which caused me to lose water so I lost a bit of weight. After three months, there was no effect on hair growth or retention. Suddenly I got stabbing pains in my ovaries (or atleast that's where I thought they were) so I stopped the drug immediately. The pain was so bad, I almost keeled over as I was walking on the street!

The Rogaine worked. I grew more hair but it was a messy and greasy application. Twice a day with 5% minoxidil solution. I got a little peach fuzz on my face but the worst side effect was itching. My skin swelled up and wrinkled. Not even on the areas of application either. It was insanely itchy on my forehead and ears. Sometimes my ears would be red and feel like they were burning.

So I decided to stop because the discomfort was'nt worth the results. The peach fuzz went away and I stuck to taking biotin daily.

And a few weeks ago, I took up Rogaine again because I noticed my hair falling out and recession along the frontal hairline. I was getting obsessed and even noticed thinning hair on other women. Is it me or are there quite alot of youngish women nowadays losing their hair? Maybe there's something in the water here.

Anyway this time around I only used it once a day. I had a massive shed in the first two weeks which was expected. I saw myself in the mirror and it looked like I was balding! They say the initial shedding is good sign but I need to stop the treatment. My forehead and ears are so itchy I can't stand it anymore. This morning I woke up and my ears were burning and red.

In the hope that I'm just allergic to propylene glycol, I bought the Rogaine foam which does'nt contain this ingredient. It's meant to help the minoxidil absorb through the skin but I'd like to eliminate this to find out what I'm actually allergic to. Will keep you posted!

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