Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Pierre Nicol Watch and Delvaux Bag

Ever since I found a vintage Favre Lueba, I can't pass a jewellery display case at charity shops without searching for more vintage watches. 

I found this one recently from Pierre Nicol for £5. I had to get the battery and leather strap replaced. Weeks later the watch stopped so I had the inner workings replaced. It's not as wonderful as a Swiss but I like the design. I think it's a mens watch which is why it's so big. A departure from the dainty ones I normally wear but now I can do big without chunky. 

I also bought this vintage Delvaux dark brown bag which is exquisitely made. I have'nt heard of this designer before so when I looked it up, I found out their bags are super expensive. While this one's a terrific bargain for £12, I don't think I can rock the elongated trapezoid shape. Still thinking about whether to keep this or not. 

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