Sunday, February 3, 2013

Asian Goodies, Furla Bag, Rotary Watch, Lanvin Flats and Lego Men

Yes, there is lego men in this post! It's a while since I came back to London from Sydney. Photos have backed up on stuff I've bought so here they are. As you can see, I've been collecting...

A Furla handbag that's old but not old enough to be called vintage. The first thing that drew me to this bag is the lush thick leather. So smooshy and pebbled. It was £18. I slathered on lots of leather conditioner to bring it back to life. The design is understated and I think that's great for showing off the leather.

Rotary vintage watch from the Hampstead markets. On Sundays a lady sells stunning vintage jewellery there. This is from the 50-60s and I can only imagine the life that its lived with it's previous owners. Its a wind up with a small circular face and thin band. All the features I love in a vintage watch and only £25.  

Lanvin quilted bow ballet flats. Another Lanvin to add to my collection and I got this from Designs in Hampstead. The owner of this shop said jokingly that "women would rip your eyes out to get these shoes." Yep she actually said that but I can see her point because they are lush and only £65. (RRP is £199.)

Asian skincare from Pure Beauty (made in Korea): skin brightening masks, cleansing oil and Cleansing Water. I'm a long way off from finishing stuff at home but I got a 20 SGD voucher to use in Changi airport so I spent it in Watsons. Also bought a Gatsby face wash and packs of wet wipes with the voucher. All free stuff thanks to Singapore Airlines.

And lastly, hundreds of lego men at the charity shop. Wonder who donated these? 

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