Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BYS Colour Changing Nail Polish - Blue

This is my first BYS nail polish from Australia. It's part of their Mood range. 

At first I thought it was ridiculously sheer considering the above is four coats. I was disappointed thinking there's no way to get the colour in the bottle. It dries with a matte finish very quickly. Little did I realise this pretty but deceiving pale blue transforms into the stunning cornflower colour below.  

I love both blues and the silver glitter. It needs a glossy top coat but this nail polish is my favourite for the novelty. Its like an instant new manicure whenever I go outdoors or wash my hands in cold water. The reaction time is quick, sure to impress people when you show them. (Atleast I think so...!)

Check out the graduation of colours. Outside in minute and indoors the next.

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