Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cheap Eyebrow Tinting And Threading

One of the wonders of East London is that there are plenty of inexpensive beauticians. A girlfriend gets dirt cheap eyebrow tinting, threading and manicures in Upton Park. So she took me there to try it out. The main street was full of little shops, offering no-frills beauty services. Just stroll up, wait in a queue (if there is one), have the service and pay cash. They usually don't take bookings.

We went to a place for threading and it was upstairs from the main drag. In a tiny room with six treatment chairs, bright florescent lighting and mirrors to make the place feel bigger. Six ladies had fanny packs to keep their tools and what looked like slightly tangled dental floss hanging out of their mouths. They were threading non stop. Every 5-15 mins, it was a new customer. There seemed no shortage of them.

I tried the tinting and threading. I hardly have eyebrows so the latter part was quick and painless. I was asked to hold my eyelid and brow area taut a few times. 

As for the tinting, they use henna to colour the hair and skin. I was asked which colour I wanted and I had no idea so they gave me dark brown. She painted it on and I waited. It looked like mud and stung a little towards the end. 15 mins later, it was wiped off and I looked in the mirror and gasped. 

At the the price of £7, there was no use complaining but I thought I looked ridiculous. My brows looked like they were drawn on and filled them in too thick. But I was assured that it will be lighter after I've washed my face and it will disappear completely within 10 days. 

What it looked like immediately after. My brows looked harsher in real life.

What it looked like after I washed my face. Much more natural looking!

Some places in Upton Park was offering threading at £2 and tinting for £3-a steal but I'm happy to stick to the one I went to. They had a constant supply of customers so they must be doing thing right. Anyway it was a fun excursion because I got to see a different side of London.

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