Saturday, April 5, 2014

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream

I bought this creme in a wink after my gorgeous girlfriend recommended it. She told me it works really well to make eyes appear younger. It was on sale too, although it's already pretty darn cheap at RRP £2.50. I paid £1.64 for mine which is the cheapest eyecream I've ever bought. 

I like how it's in a tube with a thin nozzle. It takes me forever to use up an eyecream because I don't use alot of it. At this price, there wasn't much to lose if it only just turned out to be an ordinary moisturiser. Since it has SPF 15, I only use it in the daytime which is good also because it has a subtle cosmetic effect.  The cream has a pearly shimmer as seen in the picture and it makes the skin look dewy. 

The tube says it's a light non greasy formulation that help reduce appearance of fine lines puffiness and dark circles in 4 weeks. So far it's been good as I like the light texture and there is no scent. The skin around my eyes feel like they are well moisturised and the wrinkles...well they're still there but a wee bit softer. 

This is a great value eyecream. I've still yet to vouch for the 4 week promise but so far I'm liking it. Will edit this post later with my conclusion on this eyecream.

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