Sunday, April 13, 2014

Debunking The Hype On Mineral Foundations

I've had ID Bare Mineral Foundations in Light for years and when I say years, I've had a pot that's eight years old! I bought it before my high school reunion when I foolishly did a series of chemical peels. (So painful, I'd never do it again!) Mineral foundations were had been re-marketed at that point and seemed to be the answer to my skin woes.

Then I got more tanned and tried something new so I moved onto the BB cream. I'm not a big user of makeup but now that I've hit mid thirties, I've decided to 1) use up all the foundations I've bought 2) try to look younger than my years 3) protect my skin with a physical barrier to catch air pollution and shield against UV light.

My girl friend recently gave me a makeover and used mineral foundation on me. She swears by it because she thinks it actually improves her skin. Her foundation was orange on me but I realised that my skin could certainly look more even and smoother with mineral foundation. And I wouldn't have to get my fingers dirty putting it on. So out come the ID Bare Mineral as I'm starting to use it daily now.

As I was sold into the mineral foundation hype from many years ago, let me tell you some fast truths:

1) Mineral foundation is anything but natural. Check the full list of ingredients. There will certainly be some which are dug out of the ground so to speak, however makeup manufacturers will add a slew of other ingredients which have been heavily refined and not existing in nature like bismuth oxychloride. 

2) Bismuth Oxychloride is safe and non toxic for use in mineral foundations however it cause irritation to some people. However any ingredient can cause irritation. Fortunately I haven't had a reaction to ID Bare Minerals which contains it. Having used a colour which doesn't contain it verses one that does, I actually prefer it because it gives a silky finish. 

3) You could probably sleep with it on, but really why would you? You'll get makeup on your bedlinen and you don't need sun protection at that time of day. Best to let your skin breathe without a layer of powder on top. 

4) The concept of mineral foundation is not newer than loose face powder. You simply apply as much or as little as you like for coverage. Mineral foundations can contain so many additives you might as well be using an ordinary face powder. 

5) One truth into the hype is that as mineral foundation is in powder form, there is no need for preservatives. There are less ingredients than liquid foundations and arguably has a reduced risk of skin reactions. This is beneficial for those with sensitive skin and acne sufferers because bacteria is unlikely to grow in powder.

By all means try mineral foundation but the reality is that it's another face powder product that should contain less ingredients. Its benefits are dependant on your skin's needs and tolerance. It has it downsides as well because they tend to sit in wrinkles and make pores looks huge. I prefer BB creams for the finish and mineral foundation for its dry application method. 

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