Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ayur Henna Powder Review

I bought this 200g bag of henna in Australia for AUD 2.40. It was super cheap for two applications. I couldn't wait to try this henna and it's prettiest packaging I've seen. The packaging is in foil with Rajastanti art. 

For some reason the bag says "dark brown" which is odd considering that natural henna gives a reddish brown colour. On the back (if you look closely at the top in the dark green bar), it says "100% natural henna can be used." Perhaps this is not pure henna? 

The powder itself looks like henna, a nice green colour. I made my henna mix with strong hibiscus tea (the enhance the red colour) and let it sit out to colour release for 8 hours before freezing. After thawing I added some honey. 

I should have added coconut or olive oil because my hair felt dry and crunchy when I rinsed the henna off. It was in my hair overnight. I used a deep conditioner Cholesterol Cream for 10 minutes and Suave natural apple conditioner after that. Thankfully my hair softened up.
After my hair dried, the ends still felt dry but I had very soft and shiny hair.

The resulting colour-initially a copper tint. I didn't shampoo for three days after although I rinsed my scalp after going to the gym. The tint became more red but its not as intense as results with Jamila henna. I noticed it doesn't have as strong smell as other hennas. 
Lesson learned is to add some oil to the mix and not leave the henna in my hair for longer than 4 hours. I don't think there's much benefit after that time. Although I slept with a shower cap and a towel on my pillow, I still stained my silk pillowcase!

Later I came across this website and realised that Ayur might not be 100% pure henna. There are no ingredients listed on the packet in English. According to the ingredients list in the link, additives are fullers earth, kaolin clay, calamine powder and mint extracts. With the addition of the clays and calamine, this probably explains the drying/cleansing properties on the hair.

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