Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jurlique Lavender Silk Dust

It's sweltering and humid in Sydney, which is bad news for my face. In London there was no need to slather sunscreen on everyday but now-OMG, all kinds of wrong. 

To combat oiliness and shine, I dust my face with this powder and it does wonders. I apply it like I would with mineral foundation. Tap a little into the lid, swirl with a kabuki brush and dust. A little goes a long way and the powder is so finely milled, you can't see it on your face. 

I bought it for $16AUD on sale years ago. Looks pricey for a bit of nice smelling talcum powder but it's actually talc-free and divinely packaged. Now the real bad news. Jurlique has re-packaged this product in a compact and the price has been marked up considerably. It's now called Lavender Silk Finishing Powder and it's RRP $43 AUD. Some health food shops carrying Jurlique may do sales on the range or you can check Ebay as it's cheaper there. I still recommend it because it lasts a long time and smells lovely!

Jurlique also has this dust in a rose or citrus scent. 

Frugalicious tip: My silk dust is the original style in a glass pot as pictured. The sifter comes off so when I've finished the product, I'll to refill it with pure cornflour which is a known home made face blotting powder. 

Rating: 4/5 stars. Shame on Jurlique for up-marketing this blotting powder but they did it because they can. There are no cheap substitutes like it that I know of. Makes your face matt and feeling silky. Beautifully scented so it's a treat to apply. 

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