Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lilac Stripe Butterfly Pinafore Dress

Tickled pink to spot this $20 bargain. Always wanted a girly summer dress and while I neither have the space or spare cash, I bought it anyway. 

The dress was purchased from an Asian clothing store in Auburn and alot of their stuff was reduced. Fairly dubious of buying cheap-as-chips clothes because they are usually tacky, poorly made and ready for the charity shop after a few wears. 

But not this dress. Made of breezy cotton and the print is adorable. Thanks to the empire line, the stomach fat is hidden!

I've worn the dress and as mentioned, I don't have alot of space for clothes so I sold it on Ebay. So farewell pretty dress, I hope your next owner cherishes you for alot longer than I did!

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