Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why is Missy Em "Frugalicious"?

G'day! My real name is Emma Lee and I'm from Sydney Australia. I lived in London for a few years and have travelled around the world.

The driver of this blog is my errrrhhh...tight-a$$ nature. Maybe it's in my genes but since I've been unemployed for four months and counting, I'm forced to be frugal. Guessing there are many others out there who are also hard pressed for cash. This is my way of sharing my purchases with like minded people. 

I used to be a professional make up artist when I was young(er) and perhaps more naive. I went to a make-up school run by a cosmetic company. While it was highly regarded by many, I learned that their products were simply re-branded and their whole business model was based on marketing, not developing better products. I applaud the guy who did this because he's excruciatingly wealthy now, but it was silly of me to think that going to his makeup school and having a train case full of his products would make me look like a more qualified artist. 

You don't need to spend a lot on cosmetics, skin care or fashion. Not meaning to say it's bad to splurge, but why pay more when you don't need to?

I hope you enjoy Missy Em's Frugalicious! :)


  1. I always struggle with purchasing high end and drugstore brands. I don't know if you get brain washed to think high end brands work better. Sometimes I'll read about how drugstore and high end products are equivalent with the same ingredients so I'd switch to drug store brands but, then go back to high end because I missed it. I guess there's nothing wrong with purchasing the best products of both worlds if my finances are straight.



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