Sunday, January 25, 2009

NYX Round Lipstick - Thalia #529

I remember madly reading reviews and searching for swatches of NYX lipsticks so I can choose one for mail order. There are too many colours to choose from! This lipstick is $1.90 USD but if you are lucky enough to find a colour you like in Australia, it's only $2 AUD in cheapo Asian stores. I chose Thalia because I wanted a nude lipstick. When I have dark eyeshadow on, I used to only apply clear gloss for my lips. Nude lipstick gives a face with dramatic eyes a more refined, finished touch.

This is my first NYX lipstick and its excellent for the price. Packaging is better than expected. It clicks securely shut so there are no mishaps in your handbag. The casing is shiny black with a coloured base that contains a sample of the lipstick so you can see at a glance the colours you are selecting.

The lipstick is mauve brown in the tube but candy pink on me. A touch paler than my natural lips. The formulation is deliciously creamy, glides on easily and is moisturising. Some Makeup Alley reviewers complained that it was matte but not for me. There is a faint cheap scent but it was no bother. Colour is well saturated. Not a Your-Lips-But-Better look because it's a little too light but still a gorgeous colour. It even matches with the NYX Poppy nail polish which I've previously reviewed!

Taken in natural light. This is Lip Fusion gloss in Summer and Thalia on top.

Excellent formulation and value for money. Long lasting, creamy and easy to apply. Lips stayed moisturised for atleast 4 hours and the colour is so pretty, I could wear it everyday.

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  1. I use this lipstick almost every day! You wear it well!




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