Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bloom Face Blotting Papers

Years ago my skin was super oily. I remember habitually swiping my face with my hand and ewwwww...

I've tried lots of different face blotter sheets and now alternate between Clean & Clear sheets and Bloom's Blotting Papers.

Bloom is most preferred because the packaging is darn pretty! The rice paper sheets are pale pink, lightly scented of roses and more "dainty sized". They are impregnated with very fine powder so it removes oil effectively without depositing powder on your face like Papier Poudre.

One downside is that the cardboard casing is not durable so unless you use the 50 sheets quickly, the packaging will get shabby in your handbag.

My skin has settled down so I only use these to blot my oily eyelids now. Good for keeping my glasses lenses smudge-free!

I buy Bloom's papers at the department stores. If I can't find them when I'm overseas, they are available online.

I must mention that Bloom's papers are more environmentally friendly than Clean & Clear. However I do get a twisted satisfaction out of seeing the opaque blue sheets turn transparent...


  1. hey hun
    just noticed you have been to the place in bankstown,isnt it just great its like a polish heaven,i was there last week ohh ahh's everywhere hehehe the how about tumble was only 2 coats its went on great and even looks nice over pinks,blue and purples.. the only problem with that bankstown place is they dont get the updated collections till months later.. but china glaze and opi for the cheap i cant complain..

  2. Yes, I agree with you here! I'm so glad for that Bankstown Place. There's a shop in the city that sells CG for $12 and I was about to pay that price. So glad I did'nt! ;)

  3. Awesome, I've only use the Body Shop ones in the past, they have a little yellow packet and a pink packet, I guess for different toned skins. With summer coming on, I might try out these bloom ones!



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