Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forecast Retro Tribal Print Skirt

Just before walking out of the Op shop empty-handed, I found this skirt from Forecast.

The colourful retro pattern is printed on silky soft cotton. Feels light and flowy as you walk. Problem was, the second button was missing. And there was no price tag.

The lovely salesgirl who serves me every week, ummed and ahhhed over a price. She was hesitating because she saw the missing button.

I interrupted her mumbling: "Er, did you say $1?"

She nodded reluctantly like it was an unreasonable amount. "Unfortunately that's the cheapest I can..."

"Done! I'll take it!" And I gave I her the cash.

Was'nt going to argue her there! She's a doll for trying to give me a good price even when her original price of $1 was a steal.

At home I found an spare tan button matching the print. Within minutes I switched with the waist button with the missing one. Skirt is as good as new!

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