Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sebastian Potion 9 - Wearable Treatment

Heard about Potion 9 in a Youtube video from Caffy. Like hers, my hair is fine and curly. She raves about this stuff so when I saw Sebastian products for half price, I had to try it!

I think Sebastian was reduced because they are repackaging their products. The Potion 9 I saw comes in flexible aluminum tubes which tears easily. I bought a travel sized tube (50g) for $9 AUD.

Sebastian calls Potion 9 a "wearable treatment" but considering that you're supposed to use it sparingly, the title is a bit of stretch! I like how it's silicone free. It contains 9 botanical extracts which claims to restore moisture, revitalize damage and rejuvenate hair. The product itself is an orange coloured non-sticky/greasy gel. Some makeupalley reviewers said it smells nice but I hardly notice a scent with mine.

After washing I use a small amount (no bigger than an Aussie 10c coin) to scrunch through wet hair. I'm prone to frizz so I dilute with a little water so hair doesn't stick to my hands. Must be careful not to use too much product otherwise my hair feels crunchy.

I'm convinced that Potion 9 is incredible. I let my hair dry naturally and get soft, defined and shiny curls. While it's a little pricey, it's worth it because of the noticeable difference! I'll buy this product over and over again.

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