Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Local Op Shop - Vinnies

As requested by mirandalefleur, this is a post on my favorite opportunity/thrift shop. This is where I find many of the items I've blogged.

My local Vinnies is on the main street of Auburn. It opened early this year with a tonne of stock and for months, every weekend had a 50% off sale. The shop has a healthy turnover of inventory and is air conditioned and tidy. The clothing racks are even grouped by colour.

Stacks of ladies shoes.

Found lots of great bargain reads here.

Every visit is a treasure hunt and I MUST leave with one item. I actually look forward to weekends so I can unwind here. The volunteer staff are friendly and dedicated so I like to show appreciation for their efforts.

Since my spending goes to charity, I can always splurge guilt-free here!


  1. i loveeeee vinnies.. i didnt realise your so close, im in bossley park next to liverpool.. i have so many memories as a child sitting in the book section of vinnies... one persons trash anothers treasure

  2. Yes we *are* close! That's so true on finding your own treasures in Vinnies! :)



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