Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boots Natural Collection Rosebud Fig Leaf Caramel Shortcake

At Boots, the Natural Collection cosmetics range is 3 for £5. I've been looking for some nude lipsticks and was happy to find the perfect colours.

Natural Collection is a home brand of Boots. All products are less than £2 each. They have a wide product and colour range but I suspect the quality is not great. Did'nt test their eyeshadows because none of the colours appealed to me. Packaging is simple and cheap. The coverage consistency of their liquid foundations were terrible. But the lipsticks are good!

If you can overlook the plain packaging, the lipsticks are lovely pick-me-ups. They are called Moisture Shine Lipstick and are fragrance free. Texture is creamy and pigmentation is decent. Lasting power is good.

Rosebud is a soft nude pink. It's the perfect Your Lips But Better nude.

Fig Leaf is a pale brown nude. It's a little sheerer than Rosebud.

I also bought a Juicy Lips lipgloss in Caramel Shortcake. The applicator is a bit annoying because it never picks up enough product so I need to dip a few times. The colour is pinkish brown. It smells delightfully fruity but I can tell that overtime, it will smell mediciney.

Swatches: Rosebud, Fig Tree and Caramel Shortcake. Top right: Caramel Shortcake. Bottom left: Fig Tree. Bottom right: Rose Bud.

Overall the lipsticks are the only products which I recommend but only buy these on sale. NYX is still better value by far!


  1. I love Rose Bud :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, Rose Bud is definitely my favorite! Such a pretty colour. :)



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