Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Got A Fringe + Crown Brushes Arrives

I've started noticing my prominent forehead and it's making me really self conscious. I'm worried that my hairline is thinning too. Gah!

A friend suggested getting a fringe. She said it will relax my hairline because I'm not tying it up. So today, after alot of fake fringe-play, I decided to get the chop.

I opted for a blunt fringe cut purely to hide my forehead. I don't have much volume in the front for a heavy fringe so I'm hoping it will sit properly. Five minutes after arriving at the local cheapo hairdresser, I got a new fringe.

I'm not going to post a photo yet. After the cut, I put my glasses back on, looked in the mirror and saw Ralph Wiggum. My fringe looks like his. It was'nt heavy enough to pull off the blunt fringe look. And it was too short. I forgot to add an extra cm for the desired length. Cheap hairdressers will generally cut it shorter than what you ask for.

So I'm laying low until I can train my fringe to fall over my forehead. It still peskily drifts and separates along my middle part. The hairdresser assures me that it will look better after I wash it. I certainly hope so!!!

On the plus side of today, the bestest bargain from Ebay arrived. It's a set of 14 makeup brushes from Crown Brush. I've been keen to try them since my friend used her C138 contour brush on me. They're so soft and appear to be well made. I got this set for £7.35 including shipping. Whoopee!

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