Friday, March 5, 2010

Kiehl's Gardenia Essence Oil

Finally got this essence oil from Harrods!

While I was in Sydney, I tried the Kiehls essence oil range. Gardenia was the most striking. Glad I waited to buy it here because it's £20 compared to $55 in Oz.

Actually Keihls is cheapest in the States. I'll stock up on more scents when I go there!

Gardenia smells EXACTLY like stationary I used as a kid. Before the days of email, letter writing and stationary collecting was a hobby of mine. Forgotten memories come flooding back when I wear this.

It's concentrated so a tiny dab lasts for hours. The scent is powerful at first but then it develops into a lovely spring floral aroma.

The essence oils comes in a 7ml amber glass containers with roller ball applicator. It's spill proof and you can even blend the scents.

Each essence oil features the date of their first known introduction by Keihls.

Amber 1942
Chinese Flowers 1979
Coriander 1946
Gardenia 1961
Grapefruit 1976
Musk 1921
Pear 1977
Pour Homme 1987
Vanilla 1968

One thing to note is that these are not true perfume oils. They contain benzyl alcohol so beware if your skin reacts to alcohol!


  1. thanks for following my beauty blog :) xx

  2. So glad you got it, so pretty! I liked the amber too.



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