Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MAC Pro Palette - Knight Devine, Sumptious Olive, Woodwinked, All That Glitters

I won this MAC eyeshadow palette from Ebay for a steal. I admit it's used but I wanted the palette to rotate my BYS eyeshadow pans. The MAC eyeshadows were a cheap bonus. Just so you know, the BYS pans fit perfectly!

This palette contains Woodwinked which I've been eyeing (pardon the pun!) for ages.

Firstly and most importantly, let's talk about make up hygiene.

1) Always use clean brushes. Wash them with anti-bacterial cleaner every week.
2) NEVER buy wet used makeup. This includes lipstick, lipgloss, anything which is creamy or liquid. Where there's moisture, bacteria will breed.
3) Dry powders will generally not go "off" or have an expiry date as long as you store it in a dry and dark place.

Used pressed powders are OK as long as you do what I was taught in my makeup course. This is how makeup artists clean their pressed powders.

Take a tissue and swipe over the pan. This is to remove the top layer so you expose a fresh surface. Then spray rubbing alcohol until it's wet to sterilise the surface. Allow to dry and you have a sanitised eyeshadow!

I've swatched the four MAC colours above. They are satiny and super pigmented. The colours on my hand are in the same order as the palette.

Knight Devine - Black steel, perfect for smoky eyes.
Sumptious Olive - Muted khaki green.
Woodwinked - Reflective, multi-toned vintage golden bronze.
All That Glitters - Soft peachy nude.

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