Friday, February 26, 2010

Triple 5 Soul Wool Pleated Miniskirt

Another post with gratuitous posing. (Hopefully I'll find something constructive to do with my free time.)

I confess to breaking my spending ban today. Tried on this skirt "for fun" at the thrift shop and sternly reminded myself no more spending. So the skirt went back on the rack.

I went home but rushed back 30 mins later to buy it. The skirt was stuck in my head. It was like a compulsive disorder!

By then the shop had closed for the day. I knocked on the door because I could see staff inside. Then shamelessly through the glass, I pleaded for them to let me buy the skirt.

It would have been fine if they told me to come back tomorrow. I appreciate that they're volunteers and it was past closing time. The saleslady took pity on me and opened the door. I grabbed the skirt, gave her £6 and quickly left the store.

My spending ban is not working!!! I really hope I get a job soon.


  1. that skirt is so cuteee! And I totally get where your comming from with the compulsive disorder,thank god im not the only one, ill like think about it for hourss on end,I find the trick is sleeping on it lol by the morning ive totally forgotten about it, but if its still there in morning, RUN TO THAT SHOP lol! I love what you did with the pics and I really really hope you get job soon hun

  2. Thanks Skye! Heh heh, I'll have to give the impulsebuy tactic a go!



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